Head Hair Study - Phase 1 Part 2

Here's another small batch of heads with a focus on the hair. I think I got lost in the details on a couple of them. It's important to pick out the large groups of hair, but it's hard to do with some hairstyles! Like before, I drew from photo reference and then tried to draw the head from a couple other angles from imagination.

Here are my reference photos.

Gesture of the Week 2020-01-19

Head Hair Study - Phase 1

I've been trying to get some practice drawing hair. Mostly just trying to work on simplifying the forms and understanding how to draw it. I plan to do more, but here is what I've done so far before and after I got sick.

Here's my reference photos. For the drawings above I would draw from the reference, but then also try to draw the head from other angles using my imagination - some came out better than others!

Gestures of the Week 2020-01-09

Oh boy, was I ever sick over the holiday break. Haven't updated this in a while because I was just trying to survive for the last couple of weeks. I always feel a little bit rusty when I haven't drawn in a while, but here are the gestures!

Gestures of the Week 2019-12-20

Another week of gestures! Other exciting stuff is still a work in progress at the moment. I should be able to put up something other than gestures soon. For now, more of the usual gestures.