More Head Studies

Heads up! Got some more heads rolling this way. The Stranger Things gang, Adam Sandler, Zooey Deschanel, and some Game of Thrones. I'm moving on to some animated characters as well. Eyes are bigger, proportions are exaggerated, and things are just generally different than a normal head. The eyes are usually the biggest difference I've found - especially in females. They're wider and taller making the distance from the browline to the bottom of the nose longer. The distance from the bottom of the nose to the chin is also much smaller, but, like in Mr. Incredible, it could also be much larger! Here's what I got!

Superbia's Tank

Superbia's Tank is a board game I created. The game revolves tanks and tank parts. Players can swap treads, frames, and turrets to customize their tank. None of the tank parts look like you would think a typical tank looks like. Here's a selection of some the artwork I created for the game. Click to see a bigger picture!

First we've got some of the turrets.

Next are some of the frames.

Then some treads.

What some random tank pieces look like all assembled.

These are non-tank part artifacts.

Finally, here's what some of the art looks like on a couple of the cards.

Random Assorted Doodles

Some of these are old, and some of these are newer. Here's a random assortment of doodles! Random things drawn on scrap pieces of paper included. More to come in the future, but, for now, here are some to get the doodles started.

An assortment of random characters.


Me from imagination on the right.

Some kind of pointy Eye of the Sun warrior.

Some odd looking sock puppet head character.

More heads!

Employee and a giant lizard with a mace.

Head Studies

Heads are the big thing right now so here's some head studies! I've been drawing from photo reference found online. Lots of Avengers, with a sprinkle of Jack Black. Some are bad, some are terrible, some are ya know, okay, but it's all about the practice.

Here's the full page of heads. I like to separate them into boxes. Zoomed in pictures below.

I was spending about 15-25 minutes on each head. 

I know I need to work on shading and nicely rendering features. For now I was focused on placement and proportion.

Rocket threw some variety into the mix. I'll be tackling hair in the near future - and animals a long time from now.

Some of these I was trying to really speed it up which is why they are smaller - about 5-10 minutes each.

Capturing each actor's likeness is pretty difficult.

Jack Black is an Avenger too! He has the power... to move you.